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FYI: May 2011 - Reminder: SNAP Applications Must Include an Interview



Reminder: SNAP Applications Must Include an Interview

Case managers are reminded that an interview must be scheduled for all SNAP applicants. With the
exception of walk-in applications where an interview has taken place right away, all SNAP applications require
that the case manager contact the applicant for an interview within two business days of receipt of the
application. (See Field Operations Memo 2006-30, FS (NPA or PA) Application Processing Guidelines.) Interviews
may be conducted by telephone or in person. (See Field Operations Memo-2009-63A, SNAP: Modifications to
the Waiver of the Face-to-Face Interview.)

An interview must be conducted even if it appears that the application is complete and only verifications are
required. Conducting the interview ensures that:

• the information provided on the application is complete and accurate;
• the applicant has understood all the questions; and
• all information that may affect eligibility is entered in BEACON.

The interview is also an opportunity to address any questions or concerns the applicant may have, and may
also reduce future telephone calls to the case manager.

Important: Operations Memo 2010-51, SNAP: Suspension of Interview Waiver for Certain Elderly/Disabled
Households is still in effect and an interview is still required. Case managers are reminded not to use the
values of Interview Waived or Interview Scheduled/Cancelled on the Interview Method dropdown list until
further notice. (See E-Mail 2011-3: Update on the Elderly/Disabled Waiver (4/15/2011) in Policy Online under
TAO E-Mails – Special Procedures.)

Reminder: SNAP Applications Must Be Processed Within 30 Days

Case managers are reminded that all SNAP applications must be approved or denied on or before Day 30.
If Day 30 falls on a weekend or holiday, the application must be approved or denied on the day immediately
following the weekend or holiday.

Remember also that PA/SNAP households must be approved or denied by Day 30, regardless of the status of
the TAFDC or EAEDC application, even if the applicant has been granted an extension (INT-2) to provide
verifications for cash program benefits.

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