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FRAC network call today 3 PM; More information on P-EBT and sample DTA notices

Massachusetts is an early state implementing Pandemic EBT (P-EBT).  Check out yesterday's Globe article on P-EBT. HUGE thanks to DTA, DESE and Project Bread for their work to get the P-EBT benefits up and running and to the Shah Foundation for funds to support the excellent MAP-EBT website!  Below is more information on the P-EBT rollout, copies of notices going out, and a link to Q&As we’ve received from the weekly SNAP Coalition Zoom calls.

Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) Network Zoom Call is 3 PM today!

Reminder: Learn more about the HEROES Act being voted on tomorrow, and steps you can take with the MA Delegation to help support passage of this bill in Congress. 


 More Information on P-EBT

·         P-EBT Questions and Answers:  Thanks to all the chats and feedback on the SNAP Coalition calls, we compiled a list of common Q&As that SNAP Coalition members have asked over the past few weeks on P-EBT. See Q&A here.  Reminder to share widely the general FAQs found on


·         P-EBT cards and notices: DTA is in the process of mailing out notices to families. Attached are two samplenotices and more information below: 

o   One sample is to families where all of the P-EBT benefits are being issued on the household’s SNAP or cash EBT card, sent May 13th.  (There are a few other versions of the DTA notices sent to SNAP or cash families where DTA needed the student ID information but that is now resolved.)  

o   The other sample is for families where no child gets DTA benefits and will get the special P-EBT cards(notice to be sent soon). Families will receive a separate notice for each child in the family, with different case numbers. Families need to hang onto these notices to PIN the cards. They will use the last 4 digits of the “Case Number” (upper right hand corner) to PIN the P-EBT card with the child’s date of birth.  

o   Families do not need to call anyone or take any action. The P-EBT is either already on their regular EBT card, or the special P-EBT cards will be on the way soon.  

o   DTA’s EBT vendor (Conduent) will be mailing out P-EBT cards to hundreds of thousands of kids across Massachusetts in the coming days, but it could take 7-10 days to receive, especially if delays in the US postal service. 


·         P-EBT communications from school districts: We are sharing with you a bunch of sample email blasts, text messages, and other communications on the website. For example, this week the City of Boston sent a text to families who signed up for alerts and Boston Public School families got the BPS letter by email (PDF of email attached). We encourage Coalition members to be in touch with your local schools, cities and towns to email and text residents about P-EBT. 


·         METCO children: We’ve gotten some questions about children attending public schools outside of Boston under the state’s METCO program. These students are not on the lists that the Boston Public School sent to DESE.  Every school district was instructed in April to send a list of the students approved for free or reduced-price meals. DESE shares that list with DTA and those students are on the list of families that will get P-EBT card for their students. If you are working with a METCO family, please urge them look out for the P-EBT letter and card in the coming days.  And if the METCO student is in a SNAP or DTA cash benefit household, the family should have received the P-EBT benefits already.


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