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Food SNAP Coalition Meeting AGENDA - Tuesday May 22nd

The next Food SNAP Improvement Coalition Meeting is this coming Tuesday, May 22nd from 10 to Noon. The meeting, as always, is at St Francis House, 39 Boylston Street, (6th Floor), Boston. 

The AGENDA will include:
*  Federal Farm Bill deliberations; status and discussion of possible impact of SNAP cuts to Massachusetts
*  State FY2012 budget debate: status of funding for state nutrition programs, DTA SNAP staffing, proposed EBT restrictions, trafficking penalties; amendments filed on Senate Ways and Means budget
*  SSI recipients moving from Bay State CAP to regular SNAP benefits - what you need to know to help clients keep their SNAP benefits
*  SNAP application processing update - Web Unit and local office application processing challenges, improvements
*  Community college student outreach - refresher on the SNAP student eligibility rules and special rules for community college students
*  SNAP replacement benefits - refresher on when and how SNAP recipients can get SNAP to replace food destroyed by power outages
*  DTA voter registration obligations for SNAP and cash assistance applicants and recipients - update on recent lawsuit
*  Additional items and updates from Coalition members  (feel free to let me know if there are issues or updates you wish to discuss)

See you on the 22nd!  This promises to be a packed agenda !