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Follow up to SNAP Coalition with Jim McGovern: Please contact your Member of CONGRESS this week!

Thank you all for joining us yesterday AM for the SNAP Coalition. We were thrilled that Congressman Jim McGovern was able to join us for the part of the meeting, with over 170 zoom participants. WOW!  As the Congressman said, the next COVID-19 relief package ("C-4 package") could move "any day now" and we absolutely need to prioritize getting the SNAP priorities in this next. The three core priorities - included in the 4/6/2020 House letter from 140 members sent to House and Senate leadership - are:
  • a 15% boost in the SNAP maximum allotment level (much like the 2009 ARRA boost, but higher)
  • a boost to $30 for the minimum SNAP benefit
  • suspension of the Trump Admin proposed rules to cut SNAP 
During the pandemic, increasing evidence shows that households are running out of food, while states are running out of state revenues. SNAP benefits are 100% federally funded. The SNAP boost in benefits, as well as extension of P-EBT and other federal nutrition programs are absolutely key in the next C-4 package.  See the Hamilton Project's blog posting, The COVID-19 Crisis Has Already Left Too Many Children Hungry in America and today's  NYT article citing research: Nearly 1 in 5 young children in the United States are not getting enough to eat


Take these quick ACTION STEPS this week:  


  • Call, email and /or tweet at your Massachusetts Member of Congress (House) this week! 
  • Urge them to both publicly push for the SNAP increases and suspension of Trump SNAP cuts in the next C-4 package. As them to vote down any package that does not include these critical nutrition benefit increases.


Who is my Member of Congress?:


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