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Final push #BoostSNAPnow - calls to Congress TODAY! SNAP Coalition meeting AGENDA, Tues 8/4/20

We are looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow AM on the SNAP Coalition call but we need you to do something TODAY!  

Final push for #BoostSNAPnow in Congress:

Please keep up the drum beat with calls to both Congress and Governor Baker to secure a SNAP boost in the next COVID-19 package.  Conversations are going on “behind closed doors” – which kinda hints they might be close to some agreements. 

Your calls, emails and tweets are needed TODAY!   Please reach out to Senators Warren and Markey and urge them to stand strong on #BoostSNAPnow Please reach out to Governor Baker and urge him to weigh in with both U.S. Senate Leadership and sister-state Governors.  

o   Check out this powerful 7/31/20 Globe Op Ed from Project Bread CEO Erin McAleer, Our food system will collapse without federal assistance.

o   Check out this #SNAPMatters video from our colleagues at the CBPP and feel free to use this MA-modified tweet:  

·         #SNAPMatters in MA now more than ever because the economic crisis brought on by the #COVID19 pandemic will likely continue for months or even years. The 15% increase in SNAP benefits will help MA families as hardship continues to rise:

o   See sample MLRI tweet to Gov Baker retweeting US Senator Deb Fischer (R, NE) and the NE Food Bank for the Heartland

SNAP Coalition meeting tomorrow, 8/4/20 from 10 AM to 11:30 – Proposed AGENDA 

o   Federal updates with FRAC and action steps 

o   State legislative updates: Breakfast after the Bell victory and SNAP Gap in the IT Bond Bill! 

o   SNAP and P-EBT updates with DTA:

·         SNAP emergency supplement (issued for July)

·         SNAP caseload data updates 

·         Status of USDA waivers available to states for August

·         P-EBT updates including and strategies to reach families who have not pinned, did not receive P-EBT cards

·         Online EBT purchasing updates 

o   Outreach to families who have lost federal pandemic unemployment comp (F-PUC)

o   Public charge and NY Federal Court decision suspending public charge rules 

o   How your clients can request for fair hearings 

o   Community Eligibility Provision (CEP):  Engaging key school districts to elect CEP (universal free school meals) before August 31st  

o   Reports from local organizations – tell us what you are seeing locally.