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Field Ops Memo 2010-43: The ARRA $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Payment Update


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA ), also known as the Economic Stimulus Package, included a provision that authorized an additional $25 per week in unemployment compensation (UC) benefits to eligible claimants. However, the ARRA $25 weekly UC payment was not reauthorized under the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010; therefore, this payment has ended for some claimants.

Based on information received from the Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA), claimants with a claim date later than May 23, 2010 are not eligible to receive the ARRA $25 weekly UC payment. However, claimants with claim dates of May 23, 2010 and earlier will continue to receive the ARRA $25 weekly UC payment through week ending December 11, 2010.

Purpose of Memo
This Field Operations Memo informs staff about:

  • the automatic recalculation of TAFDC and SNAP cases with UC income on file and claim dates later than May 23, 2010;
  • procedures for entering UC income going forward;
  • updated information on the UC Hotline and the UC screen; and
  • the review and processing of retroactive payments for cases affected by this change.
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