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Field Ops Memo 2008-73: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): Replacement of Food Lost Due to 12/11/08 Ice Storm


This Field Operations Memo identifies the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) designated affected cities and towns;describes the waiver received from USDA;explains the SNAP benefit mass replacement process; and reminds case managers of procedures for household misfortune situations. Also attached is a memo from Deborah Harris explaining the process and how people from towns not on the list can get get replacement benefits.

Attached is a DTA Field Operations memo describing the current procedures for replacement food stamps (SNAP) for households that lost power due to the December 11 (and subsequent) storms.

1. Households with SSNs ending in 0-7 on a list of affected cities and towns (list is in the Field Ops Memo)automatically got an amount equal to one-half of their regular monthly allotment added to their EBT accounts on 12/20. If they think they lost more than one-half of the food they bought with their food stamps they can claim an additional amount using the form attached to the Field Operations memo.

2. Households with SSNs ending in 8 or 9 on the list of affected cities and towns did NOT automatically get an amount added to their EBT accounts. This is because the federal Food and Nutrition Service decided that households that didn't get their December allotment until after the 12/11 storm were not eligible for automatic replacement. These households can request addtional food stamps with the attached form.

3. Households that had spoiled food due to lost power that are not on the list can also request replacement using the attached form.4. Households requesting replacement that live in areas on the list can use the Field Ops memo for documentation that the disaster occurred and when. Households in other areas could refer to a news article, or give a neighbor as a collateral contact.

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