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Fair Housing Conference

04/06/2017 - 9:00am to 04/07/2017 - 5:00pm
Sheraton Monarch Place Hotel in Springfield, MA
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Session include:

  • Fair Housing 101 
  • Transcending Prejudice: A Look at Gender Identity Discrimination in the Housing Market 
  • MA New Pay Equity Law 
  • Hot Topics in Employment for Employees with Disabilities 
  • Challenges in Cultural Diversity & Caregiving 
  • ATLAS: Developing Professional Development Programs for Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Mental Illness & Incarceration 
  • Mobilizing Resistance: Women, Immigrants, People of Faith, and People of Color 
  • LGBTQ Students' Civil Rights & Title IX Panel Session
  • Response After Flint: Options for Action
  • Reframing Risk: Hiring & CORI in a Community College Setting 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Why does it matter? & Management 
  • Social Media in Civil Rights Advocacy 
  • Future of Civil Rights 
  • Legal Updates on Discrimination Laws 
  • Housing Rights for Domestic Violence Survivors 
  • Cultural Competence for the Aging Population 
  • Protecting the Rights of LEP/ELLs & Non-papered Children Attending American Public Schools Session
  • Seven Key Social Skills & Seven Key Cultural Competence Skills for the Global Workforce
  • Student Debt: A Civil Rights Issue 
  • Life After Prison: The Challenges Former Prisoners Face in Acquiring Housing and/or Employment Upon Release 
  • Developing a Language Access Plan 
  • Black Lives Matter: The Intersection of Civil Rights & African-American Health 
  • You Don’t Know Who You Know: An Exercise in Community Building 
  • Affordable Housing, Disparate Impact & Building Local Capacity 
  • EEOC: Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement
  • Back to Work: Assisting Low Income Individuals in the Workplace 

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