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Fact Sheet: Food Stamps/SNAP: A Fork-Ready Stimulus


Attached is a document for your use with local elected officials, themedia and grocers to argue the case for increased support to processFood Stamp/SNAP applications. Also attached is a list of fast facts from Pat Baker of MLRI.

Important FACTS to remember about FS/SNAP benefits:

  • Over 600,000 low income Massachusetts residents received federalFood Stamp/SNAP benefits in January 2009, comprising over 309,000FS/SNAP households (1.8 persons/household).● In February of 2009, DTA reported more than 20,000 new FS/SNAPapplications filed per month with front line staff overwhelmed withcases. The average FS/SNAP caseload for a DTA worker has increased from270 cases (2002) to 700 +cases per worker.
  • Of the more than 1,150,000 residents who receive MassHealthbenefits, at least 400,000 MH recipients are not getting FS/SNAPbenefits but likely eligible. Thousands of new UI claimants are alsolikely eligible but not getting FS/SNAP benefits.
  • The current average FS/SNAP benefit per Massachusetts householdis $271/month. For the 309,000 existing households, this totals$67M/month or $ 804M/year in federal dollars.● Under the 2009 Economic Recovery Act, every FS/SNAP householdwill receive an increase benefit. The average Massachusetts householdbenefit will increase by $39/month, bringing in an additional $145M/yearin federal funds to families, grocers and the state economy.
  • If Massachusetts could successfully enroll an additional 110,000households in FS/SNAP in FY2010, this would leverage up to $340M more infederal nutrition benefits. The economic multiplier effect of thisfunding translates into $600M worth of economy activity.
  • By supporting DTA’s administrative costs to reach needyhouseholds, Massachusetts can leverage significant federal nutritiondollars and stimulate the state’s economy through one of the mosteffective counter-cyclical federal programs.
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