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Eos Foundation Grant Opportunity – Breakfast in the Classroom Funding for Schools in Haverhill, Holyoke, Lowell, Lynn and Springfield - Letter of Intent deadline extended to 2/5/15

The following email below is from Christy Mach Dube, Director of the Eos Foundation and Andrea Silbert, President of Eos Foundation. Please note, we have just confirmed with Eos, that the deadline for the initial "letter of intent" has been extended to Thursday, Feb 5th. We urge SNAP Coalition members who live or work in these communities to reach out to school Supers, School Boards and PTOs to check out this great opportunity to participate in the Nourishing Kids Initiative. 
Earlier this month the Eos Foundation released a new grant opportunity (see thread below) of up to $12,500/school to pilot an universal free (UF), after-the-bell (ATB) breakfast in the classroom (BIC) program with the goal of reaching 80% school breakfast participation Eos€™ research indicates that schools in Haverhill, Holyoke, Lowell, Lynn, and Springfield are eligible for this funding opportunity.

As you may know, research links BIC to improved attendance and tardiness rates, reduced nurses visits, improved math scores and gains in overall academic achievement.  In addition to the grant application, there are two documents that may help in your decision to implement BIC.  The first is a study by Tufts University on the benefits of BIC and the second is the Top Ten Reasons to Try BIC produced by the USDA.

Superintendents or Principals can apply for this funding if they are working with schools that have 60% or greater free- and reduced-price eligible student populations. 
This is Eos' third Request for Proposals (RFP) for grants to schools and school districts to participate in our Nourishing Kids Initiative (NKI). Information sessions accompanying this RFP release are identified below.  The Eos Foundation will provide grant funds to school districts and individual schools, district and charter, that initiate or expand universal free (UF), after-the-bell (ATB), breakfast in the classroom. For school year 2015-16, single-year grant awards up to $12,500 will be made to eligible schools; school districts will have the opportunity to apply for larger multi-year grants.

Eligible applicants are expected to:

1.  Serve low-income children, and
2.  Achieve a minimum of 80% Average Daily Participation (ADP) in school breakfast by offering UF ATB BIC.

Intent to Apply:

Eos requests that you submit your intent to apply to this RFP by February 5, 2015 (deadline just extended) by sending an email to  The email should include your name and school or district name. This will help us plan our RFP review process accordingly.

Applications are attached and can be found online at:

Andrea Silbert
President/Eos Foundation