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DTA updates: SNAP issuance error, application cold calls, SAO expansion, verifications

We are writing with information and updates on SNAP protocol at DTA-as always, please let us know what you are seeing!
Some households not issued SNAP over the Labor Day weekend due to error
DTA has told us there was a systems error and some households who had their case approved on 8/29, 8/30 or 8/31 have not gotten their SNAP on their EBT card. DTA is working on fixing this. If you have clients who you think should have gotten their SNAP, but it wasn't put on the EBT card, please let MLRI know!
DTA is making daily calls to applicants who have not had their SNAP interview
Starting this week, DTA workers will try to call the applicant ASAP after DTA gets an application (within a day or two). If the person does not pick up, the worker will schedule an interview. Then, DTA will automatically call every day until the interview is scheduled. These "auto dial" calls will be made 3 times per day (2 minutes between each call) and the system will leave a voicemail. Once the person picks up and DTA has the interview, the calls will stop. 
We hope this will be a very useful change because it will help clients have their interview earlier in the application process - including those who are eligible for emergency (expedited) SNAP within 7 days from the date of their application! 
As always, clients can call DTA or-if they prefer- go in person to a DTA office to have their interview at any time after the application is submitted. 
The Senior Assistance Office will now handle online applications for seniors
If a household applies for SNAP online through and everyone in the household is 60 or older, the DTA Senior Assistance Office will now handle the application process. This is also good news!
To learn more about these changes, see DTA's Online Guide. 
DTA Verification rules and policy: MLRI training powerpoint 
Verification issues can create delays or denials of SNAP, and put red tape between low-income households and their benefits. DTA and the SNAP Coalition have done a lot of work to reduce these barriers, but we continue to hear of issues. Attached is a powerpoint about basic client rights and rules regarding SNAP and verifications from a webinar MLRI did in January 2018. If you would like a copy of the audio of the webinar, email
These positive changes have come after years of work, case examples, and recommendations from the SNAP Coalition - thanks to DTA for working to increase access for low-income households! Please continue sharing your experiences so DTA can continue to improve!    
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