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DTA December 2011 Newsletter; Updated List of DTA Local Office Directors, Assistant Direcotrs

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Attached are some resources you may want to have in your advocacy tool kit for the coming months.

December 2011 DTA Transitions Newsletter :DTA's most recent newsletter, including a detailed message from DTA's new Commissioner, Dan Curley, with more information on his background and goals. The monthly DTA Transitions newsletters also includes Policy Hotline updates and a description of recent Operations Memos sent to the field. If you want to subscribe directly, please send an email to Dana Stancill via the following email:  MLRI's website staff posts these Transitions newsletters on

Updated List of DTA Local Office Contacts :The December 2011 list of every local DTA office with the name and contact info of the office Director, Assistance Director, and the assigned Regional Director for that office. 

Reminder: The January Food SNAP Coalition Meeting is the 4th Tuesday of the month, to wit, January 24, 2012.


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