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Don't Let Congress Gobble Up Future SNAP Benefits - Keep calling the Mass Delegation!

Today, tomorrow and early next week are opportune times to communicate with the Massachusetts delegation and their staff about the important of protecting the SNAP program and ensuring alternate funding for Child Nutrition. Members of Congress are coming back to work next week (during the "lame duck session") to take up this and a number of critical budget and legislative issues. The core message to Congress is a strong two-fold ask: pass the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill and fix the SNAP cut in a separate legislative vehicle! As you know from earlier Food SNAP Coalition emails, the majority of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation (9 of 10 Congresspersons) signed onto the August 2010 letter of Congressman Jim McGovern urging passage of a strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization package without cuts to the food stamp/SNAP program. And over 75 Massachusetts organizations signed onto the Sign-On letter, as of Sept 17, 2010. Your email communications have made a huge difference to protect these critical nutrition benefits! Keep it up!

The email below is from the Food Research Action Center.


Don’t Let Congress Gobble Up Future SNAP Benefits

Members of Congress are back in their districts this week for the Thanksgiving recess. Use your home field advantage to remind them of the need to achieve two goals during next week’s lame duck session: pass CNR and fix the SNAP cut in a separate legislative vehicle.

Include a CNR/SNAP message in your Thanksgiving media work. Make sure to include this message: “We want to see a good child nutrition bill pass, and we want to see Congress and the Administration address the SNAP cut before Congress adjourns for the year. The lame duck session affords an opportunity to accomplish both of these goals.”

Use Member site visits to get needed “face-time.” If your Member of Congress is scheduled to be at your site or at a site in your community, use this as an opportunity to highlight the work you are doing, the need that’s present in your community, and the key role played by SNAP and its increased benefits – and to remind your Member of the immediate need to keep the safety net strong by passing CNR and fixing SNAP.

Get ready to take action next week as Congress returns for what may be the final week of the lame duck session. On tap: calls, tweets, and Facebook messages to pass CNR and to fix the SNAP cut in a separate vehicle.
News You Can Use

The Center for American Progress has just released a report this AM (11/23) that examines the vital role that Unemployment Insurance and SNAP play in the economy during tough economic times. The report is available online now: [Editor's Note: Link is no longer active]

A Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank survey issued last week predicts that unemployment will be higher in 2013 than previously estimated. This survey of economic forecasters raises by more than half a percent the predicted unemployment rate in 2013 (i.e., when the CNR SNAP cut would happen) to nearly eight percent. What this means: The recovery will be slow, and the SNAP benefits cuts will come at a time when the need continues to be extraordinarily high by historic standards. Fed Reserve survey available at: