Disability Supplement for EAEDC or TAFDC: Tips for Filling out the Form


Tips on how to fill out the Department of Transitional Assistance's Disability Supplement for benefits under EAEDC (Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled and Children) or TAFDC (Transitional Aid to Families with Children).

  1. The Disability Supplement is NOT A RESUME. Describe on the form not only what you can do, but what you cannot do. And when you fill it out, think about what you can really do 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Do have trouble lifting 10 pounds once in a while or often? Is it had on you to stand for 2 hours at a time? Can you walk for 2 hours or sit for 6 hours - for 5 days a week, every week?  Do you have trouble remembering tasks, following directions? Do you get anxious around people, when you go outside, when you are in a new situation? Just sometimes or a lot of times?Do you need help doing tasks? For example, if you do food shopping, does someone help carry your bag or do you just buy small amounts because you cannot carry much? If you clean your house, do you do just a little bit at a time, then rest or have someone help do the vacuuming?
  2. List all your medications and treatment, and their side effects.  Do you know the names of all the drugs you take? If not, ask your pharmacist for a list with all the dosages and side effects if you don't have one from your doctor?  Are you sleepy after taking a drug, unable to concentrate or remember things? Do you lose your appetite, have trouble sleeping, get nervous? Do you have physical therapy or other treatment that has a side effect?  Does your doctor or health center know about these side effects?
  3. Are there people who know you who can make observations about your disability or your ability to work?  If you have been living in a shelter, working with a Head Start program or getting services with other social services agencies, are there staff people who know you and know about your disability or daily activities? If you volunteered at a community service site or had an employer who knows of your work limitations, will these people write a statement? Have you had any counseling or therapy sessions with any social workers or other professionals - for example mental health or battered women’s professionals? These individuals can write statements to include with your Disability Supplement, or they could be listed for DES Medical to contact for more information.List everything that will help DES make a decision about your disability. Add additional pages, include letters from people who know you.
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