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Disability renewal deadline 9-15-15

On August 1, 2015, the Office of Medicaid notified over 30,000 households containing at least one member with a disability that they had to submit a reapplication by Sept 15, 2015 in order to remain eligible for MassHealth.

This reapplication deadline applies to over 60,000 individuals.

We learned today that the number of reapplications filed to date is on the low side. Termination notices will not go out on 9-15; there will be at least a short grace period. But terminations will happen. Over 200,000 people were terminated in July.

A copy of what the notice looks like is attached. This cover letter was accompanied by a MassHealth application form.

Most people with disabilities did not get this notice. But if you, your clients or your patients did get a notice to reapply, REAPPLY.

There are many organizations in the community that can help people apply on line, by telephone or by completing the paper application. You can find information on assistance near you at this website:

MassHealth is also holding enrollment events around the state starting Sept 15. (These were intended for the next group of people who were notified to renew on Sept 1). The flyer with dates and times is attached.

If you are working with people with disabilities who have tried to reapply and been unable to complete the process or faced other barriers completing an application PLEASE LET US KNOW: &