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Cutting SNAP = forcing decision to heat OR eat. Media on proposed rule, increased utility costs & cuts to LIHEAP

We are following up to our email, below, that included a template for commenting against the proposed cuts to SNAP with some recent media. published two articles today- one on the current proposed rule that would cut SNAP by $50/mo for 200,000 MA households, with powerful quotes from Congressman Jim McGovern, MLRI, and the Greater Boston Food Bank. Jackie - who is an advocate with Mass Senior Action and a SNAP recipient - shared her story: “It’s just going to be tightening the belt more,” Jackie said of the possibility. “And I don’t know how much more I can tighten it.” also published an article on 3 proposals in the pipeline that would harm SNAP households (public charge, categorical eligibility, and the current heating/cooling SUA proposed rule). 
Salem News published an article with information from the major utility providers sharing that heating costs are expected to rise, and Public News Service shared information about a second year of cuts to the amount of federal fuel assistance (LIHEAP) allocated to MA. 
Bottom line - utility costs are going up, fuel assistance is being cut, AND the Trump Administration is trying to cut SNAP for the very folks who have to pay higher utility costs or who are being squeezed out of fuel assistance. This is unacceptable, and opposing this proposed rule matters!
We also wanted to share some info from the Central MA SNAP Coalition & Central West Justice Center, who flagged that the Regional Environmental Council provided fresh fruits and vegetables and encouraged shoppers to submit comments! And, a shout out to Maydee Morales from Catholic Charities for organizing a comment gathering in her local church. It DOES make a difference!
Please comment by 12/2, tweet/social media #handsoffSNAP and #ProtectSNAP - and let us know if you have questions! 

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