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COVID-19 3/31: some SNAP supplements issued, stay tuned for more info

Important updates below, stay tuned for more information on the supplemental payments and other information tomorrow. 
SNAP Supplements Issued This Afternoon to Some Households Not Receiving Max Grant 
Some households were issued their supplemental SNAP this afternoon. More details and info to come- stay tuned. We are hearing from many clients who have seen the SNAP on their cards so wanted to give Coalition members some simple advice for right now:
If clients reach out to you with questions about the SNAP on their card, let them know a) the extra SNAP is correct and b) they do NOT need to call DTA.
A reminder this supplemental payment is for households whose monthly SNAP benefit is less than the maximum SNAP for their household size. Households who get the maximum SNAP benefit will not get extra SNAP. This is because of a decision made by USDA (the federal government), not DTA. The supplemental payments issued are for eligible households who were on SNAP in March. Approximately half of the SNAP caseload - roughly 250,000 households - have already gotten or will soon get a supplement for March. 
Stay tuned for more tomorrow! Thank you to DTA for their hard work to get this out so quickly. 
Reminder that we are keeping DTA and COVID-19 information, including DTA resources, up to date on this google doc.