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COVID-19 3/21: SNAP flier for workers, DTA policy updates, reminder Coalition Tues

Significant updates from DTA on policy and case processing
DTA has significantly changed their operations to contend with the crisis and ensure households can get on and keep benefits. These changes includes extending certification periods (delaying due dates for Interim Reports and Recertifications), significantly reducing verification requests, halting reductions and terminations, and more. 
In terms of staffing, DTA case managers have been assigned to rotating shifts to comply with social distancing recommendations. Some overtime has also been authorized to respond to a significant increase in applications. 
We will get more information to the Coalition on Monday. In the meantime, here is a link to DTA's guidance to workers on changes. 
We are worried about clients who cannot do an application online at and are not connected to an outreach partner, and who due to health conditions, quarantine, or other reasons cannot print or mail/fax an application (for SNAP or for cash). Please let us know what you are seeing. 
If you have questions/issues, please fill out this google form. We will be consolidating responses for communications with DTA. This is an extremely busy and rapidly changing time for all of us, including DTA Central staff, managers, and case managers.   
Flier on SNAP for workers who have lost job/pay due to COVID-19
Attached is a flier on the basics of SNAP, how to apply, the current procedures at DTA, etc. Please share this resource widely. We are working on translations. 
Coalition Zoom virtual meeting Tuesday 3/24 at 10 AM
We will focus exclusively on COVID-19. We will share an agenda before the meeting. To call in on Tuesday 3/24 at 10 AM (from 10-11:30 AM):
You can video in from home if you have video & microphone capability - otherwise we recommend calling. If you have issues getting on email
MLRI Recommendations for Helping Low Income Communities During COVID19 Outbreak
MLRI has put together a set of immediate, urgent recommendations, ranging from addressing food security, housing, employment/Unemployment Insurance, helping families in extreme poverty, and more. Click here for the list of priority / immediate recommendations for action. 
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