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Coverage ended for thousands on Jan 31

Last Saturday coverage ended for up to 40,00 people on Commonwealth Care and 95,000 or more on Temporary MassHealth. These are my best estimates --we don't have the official count yet. (Waiting in the wings is a third group of people enrolled in Temporary MassHealth with a Feb 15 end date).
Some of these people may not have needed continued coverage but others may have wanted their coverage to continue but got lost somewhere along the reapplication and enrollment process. While the state made a massive effort to get the word out and get people enrolled, there remain many reasons that people who need coverage may have lost it.
Expect to start seeing clients/patients who have lost coverage and are looking for help. However, don't expect to see a lot of flat out denial notices for two reasons:
  1. People who appeared eligible based on self-attested information should have been provisionally enrolled for 90 days, and
  2. MassHealth denial notices will mostly be in the form of Health Safety Net or MassHealth Limited approval notices. (!!)
Attached are some of the advocacy issues to look out for. Please let us know what kinds of cases you are seeing -- if you're a member of In the Loop or the Legal Services Discussion List, please post your news or email us at MLRI: vicky at or Neil at
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