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CORI Pro Se Booklets

Pauline Quirion, Greater Boston Legal Services

A series of booklets, abailable at the website linked below, with information about how to seal CORIs.  Includes sample forms.  

Booklet 1: How to Get a Copy of your Criminal Record (CORI)

Booklet 2: How to Seal Old Criminal Cases

Booklet 3: Sealing Cases that Ended without a Conviction or First Time Drug Offenses

Booklet 4: Representing Yourself in Court After Filing a Petition to Seal Criminal Cases

Booklet 5: One Stop CORI Sealing in Boston Municipal Court

Booklet 6: What You Should Know about Drivers' Licenses and Drug Convictions

Booklet 7: How to Seal and Expunge Decriminalized Cannabis Cases

Booklet 8: Never Sealable Crimes

Juvenile Record Series Booklet 1: How to Get a Copy of your Massachusetts Juvenile Record

Juvenile Record Series Booklet 2: How to seal your juvenile and youthful offender records

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