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CORI - Basics of the Law for Community Service Providers & Legal Aid Advocates

06/02/2017 - 9:30am to 12:15pm
MCLE Conference Center, Ten Winter Place, Boston
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This seminar provides a review of the basics of the law pertaining to criminal offender record information (CORI) and changes in the legal standard for sealing of cases in court as a result of a Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) case in August, 2014. 

Massachusetts keeps “CORI” on every individual who has a criminal case in a Massachusetts state court. CORI is recorded and kept on file even if the underlying case is ultimately dismissed or the accused is found not guilty. CORI is used in screening processes by employers, landlords, government agencies, and others. Clients with criminal records face barriers to employment, housing, benefits, and other opportunities for economic stability. The Legislature included protections in the law for individuals with CORI related to job applications and expanded the categories of cases eligible for sealing through the courts in 2010. 

This training is for legal services advocates, lawyers in private practice, social and health services workers, and community activists who want to learn or get a refresher course on the basics of CORI.


  • Agapi Koulouris, Esq., Dept. of Criminal Justice Information Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Chelsea
  • James M. McCreight, Esq., Greater Boston Legal Services, Boston
  • Pauline Quirion, Esq., Greater Boston Legal Services, Boston
  • Stephen A. Russo, Esq., Legal Advocacy & Resource Center, Inc, Boston


  • Legal Services Attorneys and Non Lawyer Advocates ....$25
  • All Others ....$95

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