Confidentiality Toolkit - sharing data between government agencies

Administration for Children and Families (ACF)

From the preface:

"We’re very pleased to be issuing the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Confidentiality Toolkit, a product of ACF’s Interoperability Initiative. 

For decades, human services agencies have been seeking to identify ways to promote coordination and collaboration across the work of human services and other related entities in order to provide more effective services to children, families, and individuals with multiple needs. In recent years, advances in technology have provided new opportunities to support these efforts. “Interoperability”—a national effort of technological and programmatic coordination—has the potential to provide for major steps forward in promoting information sharing and coordination across systems. For that reason, we created the ACF Interoperability Initiative Project; a collection of collaborative, interdisciplinary information technology projects designed to promote horizontal integration, facilitate shared services, and improve the landscape of systems supporting human services programs, including their coordination and integration with health programs. 

. . .

With publication of this, our ACF Confidentiality Toolkit, we hope to support state and local efforts by bringing greater clarity to the rules governing confidentiality in ACF and certain related programs, by providing examples of how confidentiality requirements can be addressed and met in a manner fully consistent with governing laws and underlying policies; by including sample Memoranda of Understandings and data sharing agreements; and by providing guidance that we 
hope can be helpful in efforts to move forward in states and localities."

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