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Coerced Debt

Please use this form to register for the Wednesday, Sept 29,  2021 virtual presentation for community advocates about  coerced debt. The event will be held from10:00 to 11:30 a.m., by zoom.  You will get the zoom log in information once you submit this form.

Questions about the event?  Please contact  Rochelle Hahn, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute,

This presentation is sponsored by the Access to Justice Commission.

More on what coerced debt is and what will be shared at the presenation:

Has anything like this happened to your clients?

  • an abuser took out credit cards in the survivor's name without the survivor's knowledge and ran up debt, leading to a collection action against the survivor
  • a vulnerable elder was tricked into signing over a home deed to an adult child
  • or other situations where a partner or family member either forced someone to take out debt, a credit card or a loan to benefit the abuser, or the abuser did it directly without the victim's knowledge.

This is known as "coerced debt" - and there are steps that victims of coerced debt can take to respond if it happens to them.

Topics covered at the presentation will  include:

  • Screening for financial abuse
  • Best practices when a debt is in collections
  • Tips for defending a small claims action