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Coalition Meeting Tomorrow; Senate Budget Amendments filed to protect food programs

This is a reminder of our Coalition meeting tomorrow, May 22nd at St Francis House, 10 to Noon. 

In addition to updates on the federal Farm Bill deliberations, and various state policy updates, the Massachusetts Senate is starting debate on the FY2013 state budget on Wednesday. The Senate is expected to be  in caucus tomorrow reviewing many of the 640+ amendments.  There are a number of anti-hunger amendments that may be of interest to Coalition members, including:
  • Amendment #564 to increase DTA caseworker funding by $1.1M up to the Governor's proposed funding level to help DTA manage the exploding SNAP caseload. This is an priority amendment for SEIU.
  • Amendment #158 to increase MEFAP (Emergency Food Assistance Program) core food funding by $1.5M to address the huge demand for emergency food on local food pantries. This is a priority amendment of the four Massachusetts Food Banks.
These and other safety-net amendments will be discussed at the Coalition meeting tomorrow. Attached are two fact sheets regarding both amendments.  You can find  MLRI's detailed analysis of the FY2013 Senate Budget at:
PLEASE CALL your State Senator to urge support of these two amendments.