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CLE flier on Food Stamp ABAWDS and work rule waivers and exemptions


Flyer explaining that Food Stamp work and time limit rules do not apply to many MA residents now.

In June of 2008, DTA issued guidance revising its policy around the food stamp program (FS) time limits and work requirements for non-disabled adults without children. DTA announced that USDA had approved a waiver by recognizingthe high unemployment in many areas of Massachusetts, and thus waiving the three month FSP time limit and work requirements in 168 cities and towns. In addition, DTA alerted its staff that many adults without children in other areas of the state may still be exempt from the FSP work rules and time limit because they meet other exemptions (e.g. receipt of disability benefit, working part time). As a result of these changes and DTA screening of cases, over 8,500 individuals got benefits with the time limit/work rules waived by the end of June!Hot off the press is a client flier prepared by MLRI. This flier describes some key eligibility rules for adults without children. The flier emphasizes that FSP benefits should not be cut off at the end of three months, and that the work and community service rules are very limited. Please share this flier withorganizations and shelters that work with individuals without children.

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