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Child Nutrition and SNAP cut - Keep the pressure on Massachusetts delegation!

Below is an email from the FRAC with an update on the proposed cuts to SNAP to fund Child Nutrition reauthorization. Members of the Food SNAP Coalition discussed this issue in detail yesterday, agreeing we need to keep our delegation strong "against robbing Peter to pay Paul!" Over 106 members of Congress signed onto Congressman Jim McGovern's August 13th letter urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to find another way to fund the Child Nutrition reauthorization without cutting SNAP funding. Massachusetts House members who signed the letter include: McGovern, Tierney, Capuano, Delahunt, Neal, Frank, Tsongas, Markey and Olver. Please call these Congresspersons, thank them for their support, ask them to HOLD THE LINE and urge them find another way to fund the Child Nutrition bill. Please also call Congremman Lynch urging his support. FRAC's email provides important links to fact sheets and other resources if you need more background information.


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Mass Law Reform Institute
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As of 9 a.m. this morning, the House has not taken any action or scheduled a vote on the Senate's bill for child nutrition reauthorization (the bill that cuts SNAP monthly benefits). We know you are working hard, and your efforts are making a real difference. Keep those calls and e-mails coming - together, we will convince Congress to take the time to fix the SNAP cuts and pass a child nutrition bill that doesn't cut SNAP benefits.

Message: * Urge your House Member to pass now, or in the Lame Duck session, a good child nutrition bill that improves access to healthy food and doesn't cut SNAP benefits.

* Don't forget about these tools you can use and share:*
* FRAC's e-letter urging passage of a good CNR bill that doesn't cut SNAP benefits. Click here [ ] to e-mail your Representative.
* State poverty data from the Census Bureau 
* FRAC's Issue Brief on the SNAP Cut
* Letters from labor and anti-poverty groups, women's groups, seniors' groups, groups, and coalitions of state officials [ ]


Continue to give us feedback from your calls - Ellen Teller, [ ]; Ellen Vollinger, [ ]; or Etienne Melcher, [ ].