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CeltiCare Health Plan sends Fax Blast to MA Health Providers on SNAP ABAWD Time Limit with Provider Tips

We have been working with CeltiCare Health Plan to alert the their provider network about the SNAP ABAWD rule and, in particular, how the federal "unfit for work" standard differs from the other disability-based programs for which their providers are often asked to provide medical documentation. CeltiCare Health Plan serves a significant portion of the 18-65 year old childless population, and thus were a perfect match for this informational outreach effort. Yesterday, CeltiCare sent out an eblast and fax with the ABAWD SNAP information.

Click on the highlighted link to see their eblast and attached is fax alert:

We will be reaching out to the other MassHealth managed care plans in early 2016 encouraging them to do same. We have also produced an FAQ giving more detail on how the EAEDC medical unfit criteria differs from SSI and some examples of patients who may demonstrate a "reduced capacity to support."

DTA projects roughly 24K individuals may be harmed by the ABAWD time limit unless they can qualify for an exemption, so this is no small potatoes.

In addition, DTA is madly working on a special DTA homeless screening form that can also be used to exempt homeless individuals, without having to get a medical report form. Approximately 12K MA ABAWDs are coded as homeless.  As soon as the DTA form is available and posted on DTA's website, we will distribute it broadly to Coalition members. 
We know that 2016 will be a tough year for many of our low income clients.  Rest up and have a wonderful holiday break.