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Bunker Hill CC and Greater Boston Food Bank Join Forces to Help Hungry Students

Saturday's Boston Globe included a powerful story highlighting the food struggles of low income students in community colleges, but also the new collaboration of staff at Bunker Hill Community College and the Greater Boston Food Bank to reach students with both emergency food and applications for SNAP benefits. Kudos to BHCC, GBFB and SingleStop USA for this very important work ! Please tell your family and friends, now is NOT the time for Congress to cut SNAP benefits to low income households!

Here is a link to  a SNAP flier designed for community college students and a copy of DTA's special form for community college students who may qualify for SNAP based on their course of student at the college.  Remember:  Low income college students meet the student SNAP rules if they receive any amount of work study, if they works 20 hours a week, if they have children under 12 or get TAFDC, are disabled, etc).  In addition, even if a community college student does not meet one of these rules, they may also qualify for SNAP if in a course of study that is career/technical education focused and/or will make them more employable. (The financial and household composition rules also apply). 
REMINDER:  The NEXT Coalition meeting is Tuesday, May 22nd (4th Tuesday of the month) from 10 to Noon in Boston at St Francis House.  An agenda will follow. We will also review the SNAP student eligibility rules.