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Boston SNAP Coalition Meeting - Tues March 24th; MA SNAP Crisis Continues, more advocacy tips on SNAP triage

The NEXT meeting of the Boston SNAP Coalition is Tuesday, March 24th from 10 to Noon.  The meeting is held at St Francis House in Boston, 39 Boylston Street, Boston MA - 6th Floor.
The majority of the AGENDA will involve an ongoing discussion of the Massachusetts SNAP caseload crisis as our caseload continues in a downward free fall. The agenda will include an update on what organizations are doing throughout the state to call attention to this stunning problem in Massachusetts and steps you can take in your community. PLEASE come to the meeting to report what you are seeing with your client cases and what's working and not working. Very BIG thanks to the many organizations that have sent letters to the Baker Administration, USDA and alerted local and national elected officials. Please continue to inform them of what is happening to your clients and ask for their help!  The agenda will also include review of specific steps you can take to fix individual cases while we work on the larger issues. 
ATTACHED are two documents that may be helpful in your individual case advocacy:
1) Sample DOR Employment Verification Notice highlighting some of the errors and confusion with the DTA notice, including the when the employer name is different than a client's wage stubs, what the FEIN means (and how employers can have different names but same FEIN), information the the "start" date on the notice is NOT the start date of employment, and listing of the federal SNAP regulations on allowable verifications and worker assistance.

2) Sample BEACON screen shot showing the "Scanned Document History" Tab.  This is the BEACON screen that DTA workers are looking at when you call the DTA Assistance Line to see if DTA got a document and then acted on it.  It is similar to, but not identical to, the document history listed on the client's My Account Page. If you know what they are looking at, it might help you