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Boston Herald: MA Delegation Members Vow to Fight Against SNAP Cuts, 103 Org Letter Highlighted with Boston Elderly Veteran Who Relies on SNAP

Today's Boston Herald released a story this AM highlighting the MA Delegation's plan to fight against cuts and structural changes (block granting) to SNAP. As noted in the story, "This week, the Massachusetts SNAP Coalition and 103 other local groups signed an open letter to Bay State leaders demanding they reject cuts or structural changes to the nation’s federally funded anti-hunger and poverty programs."  

Please tweet it out if you tweet, share it with your networks and please (if you are able) share your comments on the Herald's comment section about how important SNAP, child nutrition and all federal nutrition programs are for our low income elders, persons with disabilities, working and jobless families. Also good to thank the reporter for covering this important issue.

We wanted to note that the Herald reporter spoke with three low income SNAP recipients including Arthur Alexander, the 78 year old Korean War veteran who shared his fear about what would happen should SNAP and federal programs be cut. Also interviewed but not in the final story (because that's what editors do to make space) were the following MLRI clients:

  • A Chelsea grandmother raising her grand child who relies on SNAP to provide food for her daughter and herself (the grandmother is a cancer survivor and works part time as a school lunch monitor). SNAP is a lifeline for this elder and her grand daughter.  

  • A Holyoke working mother raising her four kids. She relies heavily on both SNAP and school meals for food because - even with all her work hours as a Certified Nursing Assistant - she can barely meet all her shelter costs and living expenses. In addition to highlighting how important SNAP and school meals are, the mom shared with the reporter she is deeply worried about what will happen over Christmas school break when her kids will not be getting meals from school.

We share these additional stories because we working on building a strong story bank of families and individuals who are willing to communicate their stories publically when reporters are willing to cover this issue, OR share their stories more privately by sending letters to the Governor and their state and federal elected officials. And others will let you share their story anonymously. Your guests/clients will have different comfort levels with sharing, but EVERY story is important to tell. Please gather these stories! 

€‹More anti-hunger/ anti-poverty in the news from Central MA:

€‹Hats off to the great work of the North Central Minority Coalition and congratulations to MaryAnn Melanson of the Highlands Center, honored by Three Pyramids Inc. for her human services work in Central Mass. Ms Melanson was honored for, among other things, organizing the 2016 Stand Against Racism Luncheon.. The Fitchburg Sentinel and Entreprise News story also features legal services advocate and Central MA SNAP Coalition co-coordinator Gina Plata-Nino of Central West Justice Center. Gina's SNAP advocacy work in Central MA and on statewide issuese has been phenomenal. THANK YOU MaryAnn and Gina !


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