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Bill filed to increase SNAP participation, reduce churning and improve nutrition, health and housing for children! Call your State Senator and Rep to Co-Sign before 5 PM on Feb 4th!

MLRI is pleased to be collaborating with the Healthy Food, Healthy Homes, Healthy Children (HHH) Coalition - a broad-based Coalition coordinated by Health Care for All. The HHH Coalition is working on legislation to address a range of concerns affecting low income children.  
On January 16th, State Senator Mark Montigny and State Representative Jay Livingstone filed a bill that addresses a range of health care, shelter and nutrition issues. Below is part of an alert from Health Care for All to the HHH Coalition and attached is a short fact sheet. Sections 3. 7 and 13 specifically address SNAP outreach and participation, as follows:
  • Creates a "Common Application" or portal for SNAP and cash benefits with the MassHealth application and renewal process, reduces duplication of data and documents (Section 3)
  • Targets SNAP Outreach to working families under 200% FPL with children receiving reduced-price school meals or income-eligible child care (Section 7)
  • Addresses SNAP access barriers and erroneous SNAP denials/terminations ("churning") as a result of the hastily-implemented modernization policies and improves data tracking (Section 13). 
While many of these provisions could be accomplished administratively, this omnibus bill is an opportunity to educate the Massachusetts Legislature about the importance of these federal nutrition benefits and engage them in supporting and defending access to SNAP, school meals and other core nutrition benefits. The bill also seeks to improve access to other nutrition benefits (CACFP, school breakfast( and address important health care and homeless shelter issues. 
DEADLINE for co-sponsors on the HHH Omnibus Bill is NOW Wednesday, February 4th.  Please have the Legislator contact the Senate or House Clerk's office to sign on!   We will discuss this bill at Tuesday's SNAP Coalition meeting. 
If you would like more details on the three SNAP mentioned sections above, let me know. If your organization would like to learn more about and/or join the HHH Coalition, please contact Matt Noyes at Health Care for All: 

Hello members of the Healthy Food, Healthy Homes, Healthy Children (HHH) Coalition!


I wanted to give you an update on where we are with the omnibus legislation.  We have our lead sponsors: Representative Livingstone and Senator Montigny.  Both offices are excited about the bill and are ready to help move it forward.  


As of the time I am writing this email, it has been filed in the House and has been assigned House Docket #2844.  Senate Docket #1720.


Here is the text of the legislation as filed. 


As you may know, the deadline for cosponsors is Friday, January 30.  It is important that everyone speak to offices you have a relationship with and ask them to add their names as cosponsors.  


In terms of coalition housekeeping, we are rapidly building a list of supporting organizations.  If you know of organizations who would like to be added, please connect me with them and I will add them to the list.  


Matt Noyes

Director of Government Relations

Health Care For All


Health Care For All | One Federal Street | Boston | MA | 02110

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