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Baker Admin opposes proposed "public charge" changes; Public Charge basics - Webinar TOMORROW (9/27) at 4 PM ET

Thanks to all of you who attended the SNAP Coalition meeting yesterday and the terrific rally in the rain !!  Check out my tweet with a pix of the hardy rally group in the rain!   Very special thanks Martha Assefa of the Worcester Food Policy Council, Diane Sullivan of Witnesses to Hunger in addition to Worcester and Greater Boston Food Bank for all their work pulling this off!
Thanks to all of you who participated in the "public charge" discussion at the Coalition meeting.  We share our concerns about the the proposed public charge changes (which are NOT yet filed for public comment). We will be mobilizing a boatload of comments from Massachusetts and will reach out and work with you as soon as the comment period starts. 
What you need to know::
  • Governor Baker and Lt Governor Polito are OPPOSED to these rule changes. The Mass Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition has correctly characterized as a "toxic mix of nativism and class war fareSee State House News Service Sept 25th:  Gov. Baker opposing federal rule linking benefits, green card access, "The Administration will formally oppose this proposal as the process moves forward.”   This article has also appeared in numerous papers across the state - feel free to add comments to your local papers  Please thank Governor Baker for stepping out on this critical issue through twitter @MassGovernor or through phone or email HERE:   
  • The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) has posted general information on this proposed rule and resources, see::  As EOHHS states, This rule is NOT in effect at this time and does NOT affect your eligibility for benefits."  Please use that core message and urge the immigrant families you work with to NOT take steps to withdraw from benefits or decline services they are eligible to receive just because of the rumors going around about this proposed policy - which could take months or more to go into effect, will not be retroactive and may well be legally challenged.
  • There's a webinar TOMORROW - Thursday, Sept 27th 4 PM " on public charge - hosted by our national colleagues.  Please sign up directly with the Projecting Immigrant Families Campaign for this webinar and see all the other resources here.  Note also that the Coalition on Human Needs is hosting a webinar on Monday, October 1st.  We strongly suggest doing BOTH of these webinars b.c this stuff is very confusing and you kinda need to hear it a couple times and coordinate additional action steps! 

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