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All Programs in the Legal Resource Finder

The programs listed below give free legal information, advice and/or representation to low-income people who live in Massachusetts. The list includes legal services programs, court based programs, law school clinics, bar association programs and other nonprofits.

Use the Legal Resource Finder search to see which of these programs might be able to help you. It will depend on where you live, your income and the type of problem you are having. The list does not include programs that help with criminal law problems.

If you cannot get help from a free program, and need to pay for a lawyer, see this list of Lawyer Referral Services. You should contact a Lawyer Referral Service even if you are not sure that you can pay for a lawyer. Sometimes, a Lawyer Referral Service can refer you to a reduced fee lawyer. In some cases, you only need to pay attorneys fees if you win. And, in some cases, the other side will pay your attorneys fees if you win.

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