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Alert re. Cape Cod tornadoes and replacement SNAP benefits, stay tuned on opposing SNAP cuts!

SNAP replacement benefits for food lost due to power outages 
We want to remind the Coalition that if a household lost food they bought with SNAP due to the recent Cape Cod tornadoes and power outages, they can request replacement SNAP benefits. 
Clients have 10 days from the date of food loss to report the loss to DTA (then 10 more days to fill out the SNAP replacement request form). 
Big thanks to DTA for posting an alert on their website:
For more information on replacement SNAP benefits, please see MLRI's Replacement SNAP webpage here. 
Please let Vicky Negus know if you have questions (Pat Baker is on a well deserved vacation through 8/11). 
Stay tuned for more next week on the Trump Administration's proposal that would cut SNAP for 3.1 million people across the country - including about 90,000 in MA
In the meantime, check out the Boston Globe's editorial on the impact of the proposed rule (kudos to Children's HealthWatch for some great quotes!): 90,000 in Mass. could be affected by Trump’s callous food-stamp cuts