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Advisory SPED 2012-2: Discipline Removals of Special Ed Students


This technical assistance advisory is designed to (1) ensure that districts have systems in place to accurately maintain data on removals (suspensions and exclusions), and report suspension data to ESE, particularly for students with disabilities who have IEPs, and (2) assist districts in their development and implementation of practices to engage students who have been removed from their classrooms in continued learning.

The advisory addresses:

  1. Data Management: ensuring that complete and accurate data collection systems are in place;
  2. Suspension Determination: understanding the criteria for a removal that constitutes a suspension for the purposes of data reporting to ESE.
  3. Maintaining engagement in learning.

Districts are repsonsible for

  • collecting disciplinary removal data;
  • reviewing removal data, and assuring the accuracy of the data prior to submission to ESE; and
  • reviewing removal data to determine patterns and identify interventions.