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Additional info about D-SNAP (disaster) with benefits

See corrected application date — applications for D-SNAP must be submitted by Friday June 24 (not June 21),

Apologies to those of you who are getting this more than once!

As you know, people who on June 1 were living (or working) in the 12 towns in Worcester and Hampden counties that are part of the federal disaster declaration are eligible for one time, emergency Disaster SNAP benefits (D-SNAP). (The 12 towns are Agawam, Brimfield, Charlton, Chicopee, Monson, Palmer, Southbridge, Springfield, Sturbridge, West Springfield, Westfield and Wilbraham.) As of now, the deadline to apply for D-SNAP is very soon — applications must be submitted by this Friday, June 24.

In calculating financial eligibility for D-SNAP, DTA will consider the household's net (after tax) income for the month of June, plus any liquid assets such as bank accounts, MINUS expenses for tornado related damage that the household can expect to pay in June (e.g., relocation expenses). There are many people who are not ordinarily financially eligible for SNAP, who may nonetheless be eligible for D-SNAP. The benefit amount depends on household size — for example, $366 for a household of 2, $668 for a household of 4.

We have added new information for advocates and the public about D-SNAP benefits to our statewide websites.

On the website,, you can find a summary of D-SNAP benefits, DTA's field operations memorandum detailing how they will implement D-SNAP in Massachusetts, a question and answer fact sheet for the public, and a link to FRAC's Manual about D-SNAP for advocates.

On the MassLegalHelp website,, you can find questions and answers about D-SNAP for the public. You can read this information online, or download it in a printable format.