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3 STEPS for Mass Orgs to take in Response to the Tax Reform Debate and Need to Protect and Defend Federal Nutrition/Safety-net Programs

The fact that Massachusetts is blessed with a WONDERFUL Congressional Delegation does not give us a free pass to sit on our laurels.  Below are two news articles that FRAC recently flagged in their SNAP news alerts (including quotes from our MA-based Children's HealthWatch) and some important resources materials to help you..  


THREE action steps before and during Thanksgiving break:

  1. THANK your Member of Congress (MOC) well as Senators Markey and Warren for all they have and will continue to do to fight against harmful tax reform and the resulting cuts.
  2. SEND a letter from your organization to your MOC giving them information on why this is important.  Attached is a sample letter with MA specific foot notes. (Thx to template from our colleagues from CA Food Banks).  And here's a CBPP Fact Sheet on how GOP tax plans will threaten SNAP. 
  3. TALK WITH your family and friends over the coming week, especially those in other states with MOCs who may not be as terrific as our Mass MOCs. Ask them to call their MOCs!  Need some brief talking points during tag football or the post dinner stroll re the GOP "Two Step Fiscal Agenda" - check out CBPP issue briefs here. And CHW/s SNAP Vaccine here.
Beyond winning and losing in the tax reform debate — Kansas City Star, November 10, 2017
Federal programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, low-income tax credits, and assistance for people with disabilities help raise many people out of poverty. Yet the GOP’s tax bill, which will benefit the wealthiest families, will likely be paid for by cuts to these essential anti-poverty programs. In this commentary, Jeanette Mott Oxford, executive director of Empower Missouri, notes that “most Americans believe that slashing taxes for the wealthiest while cutting anti-poverty programs is morally wrong.” She cites an April 2017 Gallup poll in which 67 percent of Americans said that corporations pay too little in taxes, and 63 percent said the wealthy also pay too little in taxes. Mott Oxford says that “asking corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share and investing in proven anti-poverty programs makes us all winners by producing a more healthy society and vibrant economy.”     
Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations are once again eclipsing the needs of families struggling to put food on the table. The authors of this op-ed — a pediatrician and health economist at Children’s HealthWatch — compare SNAP and Medicaid to vaccines for young children because they keep them healthy today and in the future. They advocate for strengthening programs like SNAP and Medicaid, because the future of our nation and our economy depend on the healthy growth and development of our nation’s children. “Trading our children’s health for yet more money to people and corporations who do not need it is bad economic policy, and morally bankrupt,” they write.
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