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263 MA cities and towns lost power for 4+ hours on/after Oct 30th - DTA alerts local DTA offices re SNAP Misfortune process

DTA just sent on an alert shipped to field offices earlier today. Apparently very few SNAP households have made any requests so far.  ATTACHED is the list of 263 cities and towns where National Grid confirmed that residents lost power for 4+ hours due to the Hurricane.  (We also converted this Excel list to a Word document if easier to open).
Please let SNAP households in your communities know they can apply for SNAP replacement benefits if they lost food - or it became unsafe to eat - due to the lost of power.

Here's our webpage with a flier on SNAP misfortune benefits:  /content/snap-replacement-benefits-due-natural-disaster-power-loss-flooding-or-other-misfortune
Our MLS webpage includes a copy of DTA's "SNAP 9B Form" households need to fill out, and the time frames for requesting replacement SNAP:10 days from the date of the food loss to request replacement and then 10 more days to get Form 9B form to DTA.
We asked DTA this afternoon to post information about the Misfortune Replacement SNAP on their website, and also consider doing robo calls, but do not know if that will happen.  Will keep you posted.

From: Stuart, Sarah (DTA)
Sent: Friday, November 3, 2017 8:45 AM
To: DTA-DL-All Staff List
Subject: Household Misfortune Reminder

Good morning,

Staff are reminded  that clients can request replacement SNAP benefits lost in a household misfortune. Household misfortune includes power outages that lasts four hours or more. Attached is a list of communities we have been able to confirm had longer term power outages as a result of the storm earlier this week. Clients from those affected areas must still complete the SNAP-9B form but do not need to provide additional verifications as we can confirm through the attached list.

Procedures for issuing replacement benefits can be found in the Online Guide under SNAP > Household Misfortune.
If you have any questions please contact the Policy Mailbox. 
Thank you,

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