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209A and 258 orders still available although Massachusetts courts are closed


Although Massachusetts courts are closed to the public on March 16 and March 17, 2020, Emergency Matters can still be handled through the Judicial Response System

"All other emergency matters should be directed to a judge through the Judicial Response System.  The Judicial Response System handles requests for abuse prevention orders (c. 209A), harassment prevention orders, extreme risk protection orders, search warrants, mental health emergencies under c. 123, s. 18 (a), and medical emergencies."

Here is some information from Mass Legal Help about getting a restraining order when the courts are closed  -

Also, see the "GUIDELINES FOR JUDICIAL PRACTICE: ABUSE PREVENTION PROCEEDINGS, 11:00 Procedure for Response to Complaints When Court is Not in Session: Judicial Response System."  The Guidelines are found here

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