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2015 Budget Update

A conference committee is currently ironing out differences between the House & Senate budget bills for the state fiscal year beginning July 1.  MMPI, Mass. Budget & MLRI have produced a budget brief comparing the health-related provisions between the two bills. The brief is available at this address: 

Among the important differences between the two bills:
1. Affordability protections. The House but not the Senate includes language requiring the Connector's subsidized plans to offer at least one plan with no premium contribution for poverty level applicants. This is a protection that was repealed along with the Commonwealth Care statute and is needed to ensure no back-tracking on affordability in the successor programs to Commonwealth Care. Support House Sections 53D & 62B.
2. Restoration of dentures in MassHealth adult dental. The Senate but not the House includes language and funding providing for restoration of denture coverage for adults on MassHealth by next spring at the latest. The House not only omits this language, it affirmatively prohibits the Administration from any further dental restoration in FY 2015. Support Senate line item 4000-0700 and Section 95.
To help, call your state legislators & urge them to relay to House & Senate leadership and the conference committee support for the House budget on affordability protections and the Senate budget on denture restoration.  To find your legislators, enter this address in your browser: