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2012 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2012


DTA Transitions from 2012 are posted here.

January 2012 Quality Corner -- SNAP errors- Child Support income, improperly entered income and expense amounts and invalid denial; Hotline -- Hotline index of all of the hotline issues through the year, by topic (EAEDC, SNAP, TAFDC); FYI -- Changes to the community college enrollment form, Op Memo "Closings for failure to keep a reevaluation appointment must not be removed until the client is interviewed."

February 2012 Quality Corner -- Invalid closing of SNAP household due to TAFDC notice being sent to wrong address and case closed for 'whereabouts unknown'; Hotline -- should a father reporting primary custody of children get TAFDC and be SNAP head of household when custody papers say that the mother has custody, and if shared custody can status continue, and if parents with different addresses share custody which should get TAFDC and be SNAP head of household; FYI -- Card Issuance System (CIS) Security and Handling Procedures Updated;

March 2012 Quality Corner -- Household composition error; invalid denial where insufficien time for verifications; Hotline -- Missing income verifications and date of reopeoning; missing interirm report (IR) form; verifications needed for the IR form, self declaration for dependent care, shelter or utility expensesl; wage stubs forwarded with IR form showing weekly pay increase; FYI -- Decrease in SNAP benefits

April 2012 Quality Corner -- Earned income not reported and rent decrease not reported during certification and overpayment issued, Invalid denial - case denied after 30 days; Hotline -- Application for payment of funeral and final disposition - who should apply and what DTA is responsible for; FYI -- Reopening Sanctioned Client with First-time Disability Claim;

May 2012 Quality Corner -- Incorrect double entry of child support; Hotline -- Verifications when expenses exceed reported income FYI -- DOR/Child Support Enforcement and Good Causes, Length of time for TAFDC Child Care Service Approvals, SNAP Battered Women's Exception to Dual Participation- additional SNAP may be received as a separate household;

June 2012 Quality Corner -- Incorrect shelter expenses after recertification- when households seem to be living above means, workers must explore situation and process changes; Hotline -- Information needed for employment development plan (EDP) re volunteer work, age of child, length of child care; FYI -- Case transfer functionality change, MBTA Fare Increases, Participation and Attendance Form Data Entry Online Guide;

July 2012 Quality Corner -- Use of actual medical expenses; incorrect denial for no interview, failure to send mail notice to client Hotline -- mother is grantee essential to care of her child's father who has disabilities, verification required for caring for disabled, no DES evaluation required; FYI -- Application and Recertification interviews and applications- telephonic and face-to-face- preferred methods and exceptions, Voter Registration Act reminder

August 2012 Quality Corner --Lump sum payment from 401(k) account, misplaced earnings verification; Hotline -- SNAP medical expense deductions and one time medical expense is averaged in monthly payments; advantages and disadvantages to averaing expenses; unpaid medical expenses allowed; FYI -- National Voter Registration Act reminder;

September 2012 Quality Corner -- Information reported in interim report, late denial of SNAP case; Hotline -- Life insurance policy, payment of funeral expenses if exceeding funeral subsidy, liable relatives; services for victims of violent crime; FYI -- tracking of kids placed in DCF custody: Voter Registration Act, Voter reg for homeless individuals; Domestic Violence protocols; Training Corner -- Community college student SNAP rules, treatment of financial aid

October 2012 Quality Corner – BEACON coding of RSDI (Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) for widows and dependents getting RSDI; Hotline – Review of SNAP and cash assistance exceptions to 5 year bar for LPRs (Legal permanent residents), treatment of LPR's with Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) status; FYI – National Voter Registration Act reminders.

November 2012 Quality Corner -- Reported change in income not processed in BEACON from Interim Report; Hotline -- TAFDC and EAEDC Policy chart re timeliness standards for case management.

December 2012 Quality Corner -- Over-issuance due to expired medical expenses after "no change" reported at recertification; Hotline -- Policy guidelines chart re timeliness standards for SNAP case activities; FYI -- In January 2013 all SNA households will receive a reduced SNA benefit of $5 monthly (in addition to their SNAP benefits).

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