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2011 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2011


DTA Transitions from 2011 are posted here.

  • December 2011 Quality Corner -- Inappropriate Designation of H-EAT Benefits, Invalid Denial of SNAP- clients must be given 10 days to provide verification; Hotline -- Self-Employment and Annual Reporting requirements, Annual Reporting requirements and Non Public Assistance Households and households with no income, Change in Head of Household where former head took EBT card- when benefits can be reissued to new head of household; FYI -- TAFDC- Revised Volunteer to Succeed Brochure and Volunteer to Succeed Flyer; Forms -- 02-147-1011-05, 02-148-1011-05(S), DOH-10 (Rev. 10/2011), Request for an Appeal, Community Information - How may we help you?
  • November 2011 Quality Corner -- Attribution of shelter expenses, erroneous coding; Hotline -- noncitizen eligibility for TAFDC and SNAP, TAFDC and SSI as mutually exclusive but applications not required, applications for other benefits such as SSI required to remain or become eligible for EAEDC;  FYI -- DCF Quarterly Clothing Allowance and TAFDC Teen Parents, Home Visits; Forms -- Interpreter Request Form updated, Statement of Loss/Request for Replacement Food Due to a Household Disaster or Misfortune form revised
  • October 2011 Quality Corner -- Prorated Benefits, Late Recertification; Hotline -- Verification of U.S. citizenship, 5-year period where qualified noncitizen is ineligible for SNAP, LPR status for one year and other statuses for SNAP; FYI -- Activities Meeting the Work Program Requirement, Fuel Assistance, Globe Santa, Suspension of ABAWD Rules Extended, Temporary Jobs Created Under the Workforce Investment Act; Forms -- New Poster on Help Applying for SNAP, Revised Brochure with New Income Standards and How to Get SNAP
  • September 2011  Quality Corner -- SNAP, Earnings and Beacon match: SNAP, invalid denial, no interview or notice of missed interview; Hotline -- Annual Reporting Issues, Dependent Care Deductions While Seeking Employment, Child Care Referral While Seeking Work, Transportation Reimbursement for Job Search; FYI -- EAEDC Refugee SSI Terminations; Forms -- New EBT Law Poster, New Request for Interpreter form
  • August 2011  Quality Corner -- Exclusion of qualified shelter expenses (SNAP), Invalid denial (SNAP); Hotline -- SNAP and unemployment issues, certification periods
  • July 2011   Quality Corner -- Incorrect Wage Information, Notice of Missed Interview; Hotline -- Cooperation with Child Support Form, permanent verifications for SNAP, self-declaration of dependent care expenses;  FYIs -- Funeral and Final Disposition Payments for SSI/TAFDC Clients, Increase in Federal Mileage Rate, SAVE
  • June 2011 Quality Corner -- SNAP Household Composition Rules, SNAP and Child Support; Hotline -- Identity is permanent verification for SNAP;  Competent Medical Authority for EAEDC Reports, Locating Doctors; FYIS-- Clarification of SNAP denials before Day 30, Participation and Attendance Data Entry Form Online Guide
  • May 2011 Quality Corner --SNAP Shelter Deduction, RSDI Income Incorrectly Entered, Incorrect SUA; Hotline -- TAFDC Household Composition/ Dependent Child issues; FYI -- SNAP Applications Must Include Interview and Processed Within 20 Days
  • April 2011 Prioritizing SNAP Recertifications by Release Date; Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Partial Shutdown, Lawrence Department of Training and Development Shutdown; Corporation for Public Management (CPM) Partial Shutdown; SNAP: Cost-of-Living Changes; FYI: EAEDC Noncitizen Applicants and SSI Applications
  • March 2011 Corporation for Public Management (CPM) Partial Shutdown; Changes to Funeral and Final Disposition Reimbursement Rules; Streamlined EBT Card Replacement and Re-PIN Procedures by Mail; TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP Best Practices: Completing the Application Interview; FYI: Voter Registration Form
  • February 2011 Medex Premium Rate Changes and Medicare Changes; Expiration of the SNAP Expedited Waiver; TAO Reception Log (e-Log); The ARRA $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Payment Has Ended for All Claimants; TAFDC and SNAP: Federal Poverty Guidelines Increased for 2011; FYI: Increase in Federal Mileage Rate
  • January 2011 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Massachusetts Earned Income Credit (EIC) and Child Care Assistance Annual Mailing; Standard Utility Allowance Increase for Bay State CAP Food Assistance Households
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