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2008 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2008


DTA Transitions newsletters for 2008:

  • December 2008:  DTA planning to purchase shelter units across nine regions, to place families closer to their home communities.  In addition, we are purchasing units that reflect the diverse and changing needs of families, including those that require wheelchair-accessible units, units without carpeting for children with severe breathing issues, and units to accommodate the growing number of very large families in our shelter system.   We expect to complete the smooth transition to new contracts by February 1, 2009.  Also in this issue: Quality control: shelter and utility expenses must be updated when move is reported; Simplified SNAP application for elderly clients in E,S, and P; TAFDC Family Self-sufficiency program; SNAP dependent care deductions; EA referrals for noncompliance change in procedures; EA transfers for increased services no longer possible; Transportation changes in western MA; Interagency housing solution command center; SNAP farm bill changes.
  • November 2008:  Budget an service cuts; TAFDC: Vocational Rehab services shut down, work program requirements changed, DCS participation and attendance forms; SNAP/Food Stamps: name change, negative errors in application processing, H/EAT program update, maximized categorical eligibility; EA: ADA notice; new MMIS FAQ.
  • October 2008: Food Stamps: name changed to SNAP, dependent care deductions uncapped, fewer verifications required, unused benefits remain available for longer period of time, MA gets award for being first in country re: timely processing of benefits, use of benefits rising; Receipt of H/EAT benefits make a person eligible for heating and cooling SUA for period of one year, even if address and living situation change; Food Stamp COLA; DTA continuing to provide FS community service sites; TAFDC Work Program requirement changes; Temporary and replacement MassHealth cards; Globe Santa mailing; Revised posters and list of posters required to be displayed at TAO's; Verifying extended UI benefits.
  • September 2008:  Department obligations under the ADA; ESP regulation change; Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Regional Nonprofit (RNP) referrals list; TAFDC clothing allowance; EAEDC eligibility for disabled adults who do not meet TAFDC noncitizen eligibility requirements; Orientation powerpoint as an application activity; Revised Food Stamp recertification notice; Beacon 3.0; 2008 Fuel Assistance mailing.
  • August 2008:  New Mass Health cards and returned mail; Simplified Food Stamp application process for elderly applicants; Family Self-Sufficiency procedural change; Vocational specialists in TAO's; Food Stamp work program exemptions for ABAWDs.
  • July 2008:  TAFDC Family Self-sufficiency program; Homless Child Care FAQ; Food Stamp ABAWD waiver; EA noncompliance Q & A; EAEDC: TAO director override re: SSI applications and appeals; Vendor payments terminated when cases are transferred to new local office and must be reinitiated, but not when transferred to centralized TAFDC office.
  • June 2008:  Confidentiality of case record information and Beacon heightened level of security;  ADA accommodation requests-- time requirements; expansion of Food Stamps categorical eligibility; Food Stamp verification of disability for elderly noncitizens receiving EAEDC; Curing FS work program sanctions; Denying cases for missed interview; Increase in federal mileage rate; TAFDC participation and attendance forms.
  • May 2008:  Treatment of federal economic stimulus payment; restoration of monthly migration process for SSI/FS households; spring 2008 Food Stamp H-EAT update; case closings due to failure to verify for the IRS match; Food Stamp Supplemental Nutrition Assistance; Returned mail procedural changes; Food Stamps-- stimulus package rebate is subject to interception for outstanding Food Stamp arrearages; eligibility of Afghan and Iraqi citizens with special immigration status for TAFDC and Food Stamp benefits; TAFDC relocation benefits qualifications; helping domestic violence victims verify eligibility;
  • April 2008:  Disabled noncitizens receiving EAEDC but not receiving Food Stamps; Vocational specialists in TAO's (Phase 2); Medex Premium rate changes; Extending Food Stamp certification periods; Standard medical deductions for the Food Stamp program; Department interpreter services enhancements; New Initiative: DTA internship program; Homeless Child Care-- revised Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) shelter contact list; New Inititative: Franklin/Hampshire Employment Training Consortium Enhanced Services Program; New Initiative: Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP) referrals: Springfield Liberty and Worcester TAO's; 2008 Health and Human Services (HHS) 2008 Poverty Guidelines; BEACON-generated child care referral notice for Homeless Child Care Assistance; Clarification of Work Requirement Exemptions.
  • March 2008:  Work requirement exemption changes; Jewish Vocational Services expansion of vocational education programs; Rest Home per diem rate changes; 2008 poverty guidelines; Family Self-Sufficiency Program expansion; Revisions to NFL-9 and NFL-ST and introduction of NFL-ST/CA; Cambridge College Courses: bridge to Community College; TAFDC: Revised orientation schedule; Food Stamps: Adjusted Heating/Cooling SUA
  • February 2008:  TAFDC: Employment Services Program (ESP) expansion at certain community colleges; Family Self-sufficiency program contact list; Community service Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) calculations and increase to MA minimum wage; New inititative: referrals to Mass Behavioral Health Partnership; New initiative-- vocational specialists in TAO's; EA-- right to a fair hearing; expansion of Office for Refugees and Immigrants (ORI) ESP placements for immigrants; TA-36 and 34 form and pregnant women.
  • January 2008:  Relocation benefits resulting from foreclosure noncountable for TAFDC, EAEDC, and FS up to $7,500, instructions re:EA cases; EA: clarification of the noncompliance process; SSI COLA increase; Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), MA Earned Income Credit (EIC), and child care assistance mailing; MA minimum wage increase.
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