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2007 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2007


DTA Transitions newsletters for 2007:

  • December: There was no Transitions published for December 2007.
  • November:  EA alternative placements-- hotels, motels; EAEDC: helping noncitizen recipients become citizens; Food Stamps: all Heat and Eat (H-EAT) Fuel Assistance update and ongoing households recalculation; EAEDC: personal needs allowance (PNA) increase; TAFDC: orientation session incentive payments; how to enter child support income (for which family member).
  • October:  TAFDC: DTA orientation sessions, Office of Civil Rights (OCR) agreement client survey, ESP online guide; Emergency Assistance: Prevention services through the Housing Assistance Program (HAP); Food Stamps: Change to notices for categorically eligible households with zero benefit amount, COLA; TAFDC and FS: eligibility of Cuban-Haitian entrants; EAEDC: Personal needs allowance (PNA) increase; Immigrants: Expired documents
  • September:  TAFDC: clothing allowance; Averaging student work hours; Food Stamps: increase in federal mileage rate; Fuel assistance.


  • August:  TAFDC-- Clarification of the Family Cap Exemption/Waiver Request Process, Automated mailing to caretakers of disabled family members, ESP Pre-worksite training and supported work name and procedure changes; Automating IRS matches; Federal Minimum Wage; Negative errors; EA-- Self-Sufficiency plans re: budegeting strategy and public housing applications; Guide for entering text on notices and forms;  Beacon-- entering participation and attendance forms; Food Stamp Quality Corner: noncitizen income, medical deductions.
  • July:  EA-S2H Toolbox relocation  initiative clarification; Fuel Assistance Program Initiative and Cleanup; Food Stamps: elimination of signature page for virtual gateway applications and virtual gateway enhancements; EA-- Toolbox; Client Survey new initiative; Food Stamps-- Brockton call center new initiative; EA-- right to a fair hearing; Legal Permanent Resident noncitizen requirements; Food Stamps: Travel allowance on pay check does not count as income.
  • June:  TAFDC: Individual Development Account (IDA) for education advancement new initiative;  Food Stamps: Calculations for legal permanent residents who do not provide sponsor deeming information, Processing nonrecurring medical expenses; Project SAFE update; TAFDC and Food Stamp eligibility for battered noncitizens. 
  • May:  EA-- S2H (Shelter to Housing) Toolbox Relocation Initiative; EAEDC-- Rest homes per diem rate changes; EA-- noncompliance decisions and notices; Mass 2-1-1 program; Verifications; ADA accommodations when cases are transferred; Prison match; TAFDC for applicants and recipients with ineligible dependent children; types of noncountable reimbursements and income.
  • April:  EA Shelter: 20 mile tracking procedures; TAFDC: ESP pre-worksite training and supported work, Extension Approval period change, vocational rehab services referral, elimination of welfare to work component on Beacon, health insurance offered question on Beacon, child care referral notice and procedural changes, ; Food Stamps: Beacon-generated application letters and notice of missed interview, verification of dependent care expenses, community serivce and the automation of the Fair labor Standards Act (FSA) calculation, Bay State Cap enhancements, medical deductions job aid; Beacon-generated verification checklist; Impact of MassHealth citizenship rules on TAFDC, EAEDC, and Food Stamps.
  • March:  FOR Families staff reassingment; Earned income Tax Credit and Child Caare mailing; TAFDC-- Participation tracking actuate report; TAFDC-- Department obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act; Mass Health citizenship verification for EAEDC and TAFDC applicants; New Initiative: SSI online applications; New Inititiative-- former Davis Square shelter placements; Bay State CAP standard utility allowance; Bay State access card issuance.
  • February:  TAFDC-- Department responsibilities re: OCR resolution agreement on learning disabilities; SS/SSI COLA; The Work Number; Food Stamps-- misc. admin. changes; TAFDC-- ESP increased capacity; Medicare Part D deductible changes for 2007
  • January:  EA: revision to the notice of approval, denial, or termination for Emergency Assistance or Other Financial Services and Procedures for Noncompliance referrals and EA notices; TAFDC and EAEDC: Applicant citizenship verification for Mass Health eligibility; TAFDC: Community service stes clean-up project; TAFDC: Early Education and Care additional policy changes; Special procedures in Colon v. Wagner court order; Food Stamp reporting requirements; increase to minimum wage; MBTA fare changes; Project SAFE additional sitesl EAEDC: interim benefits reimbursement form; Case record access and Beacon.
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