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2006 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2006


DTA Transitions newsletters for 2006:

  • December 2006:  TAFDC: ESP component Job Search/  Job Readiness, new 5 year (60 month) period; Food Stamps: eliminating rights and responsibilities penalty page as separate signature page, new inititiative on education and training for Food Stamp recipients at risk of losing benefits due to noncompliance with work requirement, work study income; All cash and FS programs: SSI COLA; EAEDC and TAFDC: Social Security Appeals Project new initiatives; Beacon: attributing shelter costs; Food Stamps Quality Corner: household composition issues.
  • November 2006:  TAFDC: Community Service and the Fair Labr Standards Act, EEC changes to child care services; RAFT;  Emergency Assistance: Presumptive eligibility; DES medical release forms; Food Stamp Quality Control: Income for family cap child.
  • October 2006:  Automatic closing for TAFDC/SSI recipients;new ESP component: Job Search/Job Readiness; Food Stamp COLA; EA shelter transfer request; Food Stamp permanent verifications; Group home residents needs to be on regular Food Stamps and are not eligible for Bay State CAP; Expiring IPV disqualifications; Voluntary request to close case mailings; Work program sanction desk guide.
  • September 2006:  TAFDC-- work program participation review phase 3: age school through 8, authorizing batch sanctions and removing interrupted sanctions, and TAFDC recipients receiving SSI; FS-- program access review; TAFDC clothing allowance; FS-- employment and training initiative for individuals with mental illness who are homeless; Project SAFE initiative; administrative fees for SSI/RSDI repo payees should be treated as dependent care expense;Food Stamp Quality Corner: income matches, incomplete verifications.
  • August 2006:  Revised SORB request form; Food Stamp application processing guidelines; TAFDC work participation review phase 3 (batch sanctions).
  • July 2006:  TAFDC- ESP Voactional Rehabilitation REferral; Resource Team Program new initiative; TAFDC Sanction User's Guide update.
  • June 2006:  TAFDC-- Employment Services Program (ESP) descriptions; TAFDC-- Other Parent Indicator; Overpayments-- Change in recovery threshold; Lowell contingency plan; Emergency services available to flood victims; TAFDC-- Work Program Participation Review Phase 2: age 9 and older; TAFDC-- Authorizing batch sanctions and removing interrupted sanctions;  TAFDC-- car owndership program for certain working recipients; DOH-- change in mailing address; Food Stamps-- Noncitizen eligibility based on 40 quarters.
  • May 2006:  TAFDC, EA and Food Stamp changed due to increase in federal povery guideline; TAFDC-- increasing work program participation for "age 2 through school" and "exempt to nonexempt" households; FS-- Processing denied or closed Food Stamp AU's; Random Moment Sampling; TAFDC-- Learning Disability Screening and Assessment.
  • April 2006:  TAFDC-- Removing interrupted sanctions, Learning Disability Screening and Assessment Clarifications and Revised Form, elimination of obsolete compliance and good cause reasons for 4 year college compoonent; Medex premium rate changes; Funeral and burial.
  • March 2006:  Meeting the work requirement through education and training; referrals to Domestic Violence Specialists; Food Stamp Quality Corner: self-employment income and semi-annual reporting.
  • February 2006:  Amounts and lengths of time for transportation payments.
  • January 2006:  Pay stubs with flexible credits; DTA Employment Programs Desk Guide; Learning Disabilities Project; Expansion of ESP Activities; FOR Families and EA; RAFT; Quality Control: household composition, unemployment benefits, monthly rent; HAP services.
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