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2005 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2005


DTA Transitions newsletters for 2005:

  • December 2005:  Presumptive eligibility in Beacon; 2006 SS/SSI COLA for TAFDC, EAEDC and FS; FS Quality Control questions on rent and child care deduction calculations.
  • November 2005:  Bay State Cap Outreach Phase II and Bay State Cap questions and answers; TAFDC child support sanction change; All programs-- accepting verifications by fax.
  • October 2005:  DTA obligations under the ADA; FS COLA; EA-- school attendance for children while in EA shelters; FS-- processing unverified deductible expenses; Beacon Help and procedures update; Eliminating Special Family Project; Proper use of "alternative" SSN identifiers; Warrant Match Unit returned mail procedure change; Cash and FS benefits for Hurricane Katrina evacuees; RAFT program; EAEDC/SSI timely case closing; EA 6 month extension; Correct P.O. Box for child support checks; Food Stamp Quality Corner: Semi-annual reporting should not be used where income is expected to change soon-- can result in underissuance.
  • September 2005:  TAFDC Vocational Rehabilitation Services, FS Employment and Training for homeless individuals, 2005 Clothing Allowance; Expiring IPV disqualifications; Beacon semi-annual FS reporting forms; Fuel Assitance.
  • August 2005:TAFDC Education/Training counter: vocational proficiency indicator; TAFDC, EAEDC, FS changes to the non-fraudulent overpayment recalculation process;  EBT vendor conversion; P.O. Box for child support checks; Bay State Cap-- additional questions and answers; Intepreter Services; FYI--Alternate verifications; EA-- Becoming Homeless for the Purpose of Receiving EA; summer food service mailings; Media compaign for FS outreach; automatic enrollment in school meals programs.
  • July 2005:  TAFDC: 12 month limit on Education or Training meeting work requirement; EA: Housing Assistance Program referrals and Toolbox funds; EA: Local Housing Authority Transitional Housing Program II; TAFDC: Structured Job Search meeting work requirement; Bay State Cap Outreach plan;  TAFDC: Distance Learning Sites; EA: MBHP assessments of EA shelter families; Food Stamps Quality Corner: Household composition issues.
  • June 2005:  Three policy updates ("FYIs") to the field including 1) that workers must inform clients ofalternative verifications and tell them that workers can help them, and must not deny benefits if verifications for shelter costs or other deductions are not received2) that original signatures and originaldocuments are not required - faxed copies are fine, and 3) medical expenses (for eligible households) should be calculated used the higher federal mileage rate of 40.5 cents per mile!! Also Food Stamp Quality Control re: how to verify temporary leave of absence from work.
  • May 2005:TAFDC work program clarification; benefits changes due to poverty guideline increase; child care referral notice; work program sanctions and good cause clarifications; Bay State Cap questions and answers; TAFDC and FS: changes to ESP referral and response form; resumption of automated EAEDC/SSI referral/closing process; TAFDC: 12 month limit on education and training counting toward work requirement.
  • April 2005:  Transportation changes; processing DMH/DTA Food Stamp applications; TAFDC reapplication having used 60 day job search period; Medex premium rate changes; revised Food Stamp application form; DTA/JVS  outreach initiative; TAFDC regulations used in determining EA eligibility; Income eligibility exclusions; FS: Additional Combat Pay excluded; Food Stamp Aulaity Corner: coding immigration status on Beacon.
  • March 2005:  Transfers to Centralized DTA office; Work Program sanciton and good cause notices; recovery of legal fees; RAFT; SS/SSI COLA; Work Program Requirement Expansion Phase III; Acting on changes reported by TBA FS household; EA transportation guidelines; EA Housing Assistance Program benefits.
  • February 2005:  Quality corner: Food Stamp recipients with cooling costs get heating SUA.
  • January 2005:  H&R Block FS Outreach Program; TAFDC: Stopping the Beacon Participation Sanction Batch Job; Changes to YPP enrollment; SSI/SS COLA; EA: accessing escrowed funds; TAFDC and Food Stamps: foster grandparent income excluded; Medicare Prescription Drug Program clarification.
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