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2004 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2004


DTA Transitions Newsletters for 2004:

  • December 2004:  FS Quality Corner: worker has responsibility to ask about LIHEA payments.
  • November 2004:  Direct Deposit Project; FS Work RFequirement and Refugee Training Programs; Globe Santa; resources for program information concerning noncitizens; Processing FS applications living in group homes for the blind/disabled; shelter continues for 6 months after family becomes over-income; SSN match verification for noncitizens; MBHP assessments and EA shelter families.
  • October 2004:  TAFDC applications incorrectly denied before 30th day for failure to keep appointments; citizenship outreach for noncitizen EAEDC applicants; FS COLA; Medicare Prescription Drug program; Nguyen v. McIntire lawsuit settlement and treatment of assets/income of legal immigrants disqualified from FS program in determining FS benefis for rest of household; TAFDC and FS application processing guidelines for noncitizen applications; work program requirement and good cause changes; Food Stamp Quality Corner: Incorrect denials and incorrect closings for PA households.
  • September 2004:  Baynes v. Wagner lawsuit: TAFDC caretakers of disabled children must verify inability to work full-time rather than need to be in the home full-time; Virtual Gateway Food Stamps application; TAFDC clothing allowance.
  • August 2004:  Food Stamp shelter/SUA deductions; TAFDC monthly reporting; statewide match for automatic enrollment in school meals programs; Bay State Access Card (new non-photo ID card); identifying families for Local Housing Authority Placement Program (EA); new Structured Job Search initiative.
  • July 2004:  FS income issues: Child support income, misread pay stubs, averaging income monthly; EAEDC citizenship outreach project; EAEDC and TAFDC disability window issues; TAFDC work program sanction change.
  • June 2004:  FS attributed amount, anticipated wages, and semiannual reporting; Offset of lost benefits notice; summer food program; TAFDC: ESP and child care for nonrecipient parent under 18; FS: work requirement medical report; EA: Homeless child care services for EA recipients; Work program requirement changes; Card issuance system.
  • May 2004:  FS: wrong SSI benefit amount, wrong week's wages; Funeral benefits; Child care services clarification; Food Stamp DTA/DMR outreach initiative; Paternity affidavit; Shelter to Housing Placement Program; Systematic Alient Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program; TAFDC: 60 day job search period and work requirement procedures; Verification guidelinies for noncitizens.
  • April 2004:  Warrant match for EA assistance units; Minimum wage for the Full Employment Program; change to voter registration form; increase in federal poverty guideline;  EAEDC disability standards changes and EAEDC category of participation in Mass Rehab programs; FS application processing guidelines; Medex premium rate changes; EA: public housing evictions for overcrowding; Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program; TAFDC: establishing paternity; Food Stamp Farm Bill of 2002 income and asset exclusions; Food Stamps Quality Corner: cooling allowance.
  • March 2004:  Disability changes, ESP changes to Young Parents Program Enrollment (TAFDC), Direct Deposit pilot, Custodial parent notice from DOR, ESP transportation services (TAFDC), Mandatory change reporting for required households, treatment of Nutritional Assistance Program benefits, TAFDC ineligible noncitizens work program required status reasons, EAEDC disability standards changes and MRC category.
  • February 2004:  TAFDC transportation and Food Stamp benefit amount; miscellaneous FS program changes; 2004 SSI/SS COLA update.
  • January 2004:  TAFDC Structured Job Search; TAFDC transportation; TAFDC transfers to centralized TAFDC TAO; EBT cards; using appropriate TAFDC exempt work requirement reasons; Earned income credit and child care mailing; Eligibility for noncitizens-- noncitizens being discouraged from applying; Mass Health program changes.
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