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2003 - DTA Transitions Newsletters From 2003


DTA Transitions newsletters for 2003:

  • December 2003:  ESP transportation services (TAFDC); Fees for replacement of ID cards; TAFDC nonpresumptive disability exemptions; TAFDC exmemption and noncountable income clarification, Food Stamp Quality Corner:  household composition re: retroactice payments and reopening cases.
  • November 2003:  Food Stamps Quality Corner: Prospective budgeting and monthly reporting, semi-annual reporting, duty of caseworker to inquire about child care expenses; USDA clarification re: Food Stamp work program caretaker exemption; ADA accommodation request process.
  • October 2003:  Patterson V. Wagner lawsuit re: DTA charging EA appellants for shelter aid pending; FS COLA; TAFDC ESP changes; establishing paternity; FS universal semiannual reporting: changes to exceptions; FS Farm Bill 2002 restoration to noncitizen children under 18; ADA update for EA and SSI; Baynes v. Wagner TAFDC caretaker disability exemption lawsuit; TAFDC work program requirement expansion and revised extension requirements; EA eligibility for pregnant women.
  • September 2003:  TAFDC clothing allowance; removal of EAEDC student category; new EBT procedures; EA recoupment and pet restriction in hotels; mailing for school meals program; DAT obligations under the ADA; eligibility of strikers for cash or food stamp benefits; EAEDC living arrangement H; Food stamp disaster program; EAEDC and the SSI application process; Food Stamps Quality Corner: Supplemental payments when increase in assistance unit, reading pay stubs, denials for failure to submit verifications.
  • August 2003:  EAEDC eliminating rent allowance and student eligibility; FS increased availability of job search and training activities; FS EBT farmer's market pilot; TAFDC teen parents, dependent children, and the MCAS; EA selfsufficiency plan changes.
  • July 2003:  EAEDC living arrangement; impact of computer matches on Food Stamp change reporting.
  • June 2003:  Quality Corner: Food Stamp Universal Semi-reporting; TAFDC 60 day period to find job.
  • May 2003:  FS: USDA clarification on use of fans for cooling expenses; resolving EA information on Beacon; Beacon guide corrections; Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN); Third party recoveries; random moment sampling.
  • April 2003:  Increase in Federal Poverty Guideline; EA shelter information added to Beacon; Elimination of funding for TAFDC ESP program; Reinstatement of YPP program; Change to Basic MassHealth; FS: changs to Universal Semiannual Reporting Process; FYI: EA in-kind deduction not counted when redetermining EA eligibility; MEDEX premium rate changes; FS: Eligible noncitizen statuses and deeming of income and assets for a sponsored noncitizen; Food Stamp Farm Bill of 2002 Options; SSN verification changes; FS changes.
  • March 2003:  Issuing EBT card or PIN by mail; Elmination of Funding for TAFDC ESP program; Clarification of TAFDC work program full family sanction; Farm Bill 2002 Noncitizen Restoration; EA procedural changes.
  • February 2003:  
  • January 2003:  [missing]
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