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The latest health law updates for advocates and social service providers in Massachusetts.
Starting on November 15th, the Connector Authority will be accepting new applications for ConnectorCare and Qualified Health Plans using updated federal poverty guidelines. Attached is an updated income chart for health programs which reflect the standards that the Connector Authority will begin using on November 15th.  The standards are based on the 2014 federal poverty level and are to be used throughout calendar year 2015 for ConnectorCare and QHPs.
MassHealth and the Connector have posted the new paper application form to be used in applying for MassHealth, subsidized insurance through the Connector, CMSP and the Health Safety Net for people under age 65.  It's the ACA-3 (Oct 2014).

As of 8/31/14, there were still about 87,000 people enrolled in Commonwealth Care and 285,000 enrolled in temporary MassHealth coverage. The last notice they received was that their coverage would end on Dec. 31, 2014. Nov 15, 2014 -Feb 15, 2015 is  the next "open enrollment" period when anyone can sign up to purchase insurance in the individual market for coverage starting in 2015. The state is counting on having its new MassHealth/Connector eligibility and enrollment system up and running by November 15.

MassHealth and the Connector are starting to get the word out that in a few months time several hundred thousand people who are now enrolled in temporary MassHealth or Commonwealth Care will be notified of the need to reapply to continue their coverage into 2015.  They have announced a conference call on the transition at the following dates and times:

9/15/14: 10:00AM - 11:00AM  (Please click here to register for the AM call)

Many of you may have received email alerts and seen news reports about hundreds of thousands of people at risk of having their insurance terminated and even having to repay premium tax credits. "Administration has closed approximately 450,000 citizenship and immigration status data matching cases and another 210,000 are in progress; warns remaining consumers to respond quickly or their Marketplace coverage could end.

This is very good news in the on-going health reform saga!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Press Release

Contact: Kim Haberlin – 617-470-9686
Claire Cooper – 617-921-6870
Decision means Massachusetts will remain a State-based Marketplace, FFM no longer needed as a contingency plan

We didn't get the CMSP bill passed during the marathon session that closed out the regular legislative cycle, but we've been told that there's still a good chance of passing the bill through an informal session.  Please continue to put pressure on the legislature to enact SB 2320.
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In its final days of formal session, the legislature passed two important laws that will expand access to behavioral health services for people with substance use disorders and autism spectrum disorders including provisions specifically covering MassHealth. Great work by legislative champions & dedicated advocates!

Both Acts now go to the Governor for his approval.

Reminders from the Connector and MassHealth-

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