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The latest health law updates for advocates and social service providers in Massachusetts.

The Senate rejected both of Senator Chandler's amendments that dealt with the adult dental program as part of a bundled amendment. This leaves the Senate budget favoring a restoration of dentures effective April 2015 at the latest. The House freezes the dental program where it is, without denture restitution.  Conference Committee members will have to work out the differences.
Summary and analysis of Senate Ways and Mean's Committee fy 2015 budget proposal on issues impacting low-income folks in Massachusetts. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Press Release

Contact: Kim Haberlin – 617-470-9686

Claire Cooper – 617-921-6870

Here is a link to MLRI's preliminary analysis.  Look for more emails with information on amendments which need to be filed by Friday.

The Connector has created a special enrollment period April 1-15 for those unable to complete enrollment by Mar 31 deadline due to technical difficulties. Remember these deadlines are not an issue for individuals who will be eligible for MassHealth or ConnectorCare.

See the latest updates on the Massachusetts Health Connector website,


The latest from the state on the open enrollment March 31 deadline including a link to FAQ --for people applying for unsubsidized coverage through the Connector...

Effective March 1st, MassHealth will pay for fillings for all teeth.  Attached is the Dental Provider Bulletin.
The Governor's budget calls for restoration of denture services beginning in January, 2015.  The legislature has to act on the Governor's request before anything is certain.  Advocates, led by Health Care For All, are seeking a more comprehensive restitution of adult dental services, to include periodontal services, through the budget process.
See below for latest info forwarded from MassHealth & the Connector --
Temporary Coverage.

There are limited situations in which MassHealth will reimburse families with children on MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth for the costs of purchasing a nongroup insurance policy for the child (or young adult under age 21) in order to obtain services like ABA for Autism that are not generally available in MassHealth.  About 200 children have this benefit now but their private insurance plans expire on or before March 31, 2014.  They must renew plans by March 24 to maintain continuous coverage on April 1. March 31 is the end of the open enrollment period to purchase nongroup plans.

1. There is a new resource to help disabled adults enrolled in the new One Care program: the One Care Ombudsman. 
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